Men are also not just looking for plain boring sex

The observations made here about how women lose sexual desire (and by their own admission, even when the man is doing everything right) are the stuff of men’s nightmares

So here you have this young male craving somewhere to put it, and there is the girl. Again, I’m limited to the male view for now. “Here… look what we have for you… yes.. put it in… feels great doesn’t it? Just a little more.. oops. Guess what?? You’re a daddy now. ” The young dumb kid was NOT looking to be a daddy.

I’ve heard it all from women about how we have brains and the rest. It is all very cute, but women can not understand the male drive and feelings. No different than a man will NEVER understand female hormones and periods, etc. It is simply impossible to truly capture these things because we are so very different. No matter how smart, how educated a man might be, he has been DESIGNED with these triggers.

Men did NOT ask for this. If these triggers were removed, a man would be chilling doing his thing and so what if there is a woman over there with nice body parts or half-naked? Big deal. I’m more interested in (insert a hobby). Can you even imagine how the dynamics of the world would change if all men everyone were not driven and or triggered by female beauty, sex appeal, and of course men’s programmed sexual desire?

Now there is a massive simplification there that I am happy is talked about here. Men also want… NEED… to be desired. Whether or not they admit it… Even the nastiest, toxic alpha male is secretly craving this desire. As someone else wrote, for a woman to just lie there and quietly and mechanically offer herself, is not enough.

The whole thing with the way things change in a relationship feeling like “the rug gets pulled out” or as I have called it – “Bait and Switch” are very real

Someone brilliantly wrote that men project their desires on women. This is so very true. It is also behind the whole dix pick thing. It is the stupid fantasy of a man to show a woman “hey look at what you do to me” and imagine it has the same effect of a woman sending him a pic of her erect points and moist are. The man feels like a hero if someone does that. This is how he understands things.

Men are so very dumb to think that women operate as they do. But you know… This is a natural mistake because what other point of reference does a young man have? The problem is that as they age, so many continue to believe this. Today with the available information, and perhaps with the right woman who can discuss this with him intelligently, he can be better informed and kill those kinds of incorrect projections.

There are so many reasons these things happen, but some of them have already been explored here. The thing is… It happens. It is a fact. There are exceptions, I personally am friends with 2/3 women that have an appetite that would make men afraid. I personally would never want to be those women’s boyfriends or husbands, because while men complain about lack of sex, if a woman wants it all the time, there is no man on earth that can keep up with that. I’ve had a great libido all my life, I would say very very high, but I know I cannot keep up with that.