Independent predictors out of condom use at history sexual activity had been age group and you may district regarding household

Condom use at the last sexual intercourse was nearly 4 times higher among 15 – 19 year-olds compared to the 10 – 14 year-olds (OR = 3.69, 95% CI = 1.21 – , P = 0.022). In terms of district of residence, Rufiji was made a reference category and the rest of the districts were compared to it. The odds of condom use in Kigoma was approximately 7 times as high as that observed in Rufiji (OR = 7.45, 95% CI = 1.79 – , P = 0.006). Similarly in Kilombero, the odds of condom use was approximately 9 times as high as that observed in Rufiji (OR = 8.89, 95% CI = 2.91 – , P < 0.001). It was also about 6 more likely among adolescents in Ulanga than those in Rufiji (OR = 5.88, 95% CI = 2.00 – , P = 0.001). The likelihood of condom use among adolescents in Kigoma, Kilombero and Ulanga was statistically similar.

While doing so, i re also-installing this new multivariate logistic regression model restricted to brand new more mature kids (Table 4) and discovered comparable leads to people displayed in table 3.

Lab tests had been carried out to evaluate brand new adequacy of your logistic regression habits shown inside the dining table 3 and desk 4. The new Hosmer-Lemeshow jesus out of complement try at the generally necessary level of groups showed no proof of decreased easily fit in the newest designs (P > 0.05). More over, zero analytical interaction (feeling amendment) try seen.


This study has shown one condom explore one of teens from the four districts during the Tanzania, particularly Kigoma, Kilombero, Rufiji and you can Ulanga is not associated with the numerous intimate people. We receive proof relationship out-of condom use by the age group and by district off home.

Your situation not is that a great number of teenagers participate from inside the intimate facts stealthily and in concern about condemnation and you may distrust

Despite the reality best and you may uniform condom play with suppress STIs effortlessly [ten, 11], a significant ratio of teenagers on analysis city remains prone to hiring STIs and unintended pregnancies. This is exactly apparent from the establish research and therefore demonstrates certainly the brand new intimately energetic adolescents, 61% failed to play with condoms at past sexual activity and you will regarding the 42% of those advertised with had sex which have several couples throughout the history one year. Meanwhile, over about three-fifth of them reporting several couples did not fool around with condoms on the history sexual intercourse.

The likelihood of condom explore is actually higher one of elderly teens (15 – 19 seasons-olds) than the younger of them (ten – 14 year-olds), possibly due to knowledge differentials throughout the transmission and you may prevention off STIs given that former could have got stretched contact with sensitization messages. This observance was in keeping with anyone else off their training [28, 29]. However, the fresh new frequency regarding several intimate lovers is equivalent one of several younger together with older teenagers. This will be probably attached to the fact that they are both towards a transition into adulthood, hence experiencing a lot of physical, emotional and you will emotional change not only is it determined by peer habits .

The reduced level of condom use included in Rufiji compared to the almost every other districts can be partly attributable to the reality that rural residences (Rufiji as the very) are often synchronised that have lower levels out-of condom fool around with and possess inequality inside condom use of . Additionally, it may become pertaining to differences in social norms and differentials for the the means to access pointers, communication and you may knowledge .

Even in the event mothers otherwise guardians can be the greatest entry point so you’re able to come to adolescents, the truth that sex-associated matters are sensitive and painful angle a problem to help you discussing him or her home. In several communities, premarital intercourse was culturally or consistently taboo and you can youngsters involved with it are thought to-be misbehaving. For this reason, not merely the latest unfriendly environment for being able to access condoms or any other reproductive wellness functions that matters, as well as teens are afraid to buy condoms, particularly in unlock sites . This involves adolescent-amicable intercourse and you can reproductive wellness interventions and this fully answer instance contextual limitations.